About The Server

Features, Info, and More!

Basic survival features

  • Smooth and reliable server, with little to no lag

  • 24/7 uptime

  • Friendly community of players

  • Hard difficulty for the best gameplay

  • Creeper damage off, villager breeding on!

Server economy

Our server economy thrives on player involvment, and every player-shop purchase, diamond traded in, or player trade made is a great thing for our economy! Here is some basic info:

  • 1 Diamond = $100

  • Shopping Center for players to make shops

  • Easy, 1 click shop creation

  • Sell any item in under 10 seconds

  • Player-built casino for some extra economy fun

  • Jobs to earn some extra server money!

Extra features

  • McMMO: Level up your game skills!

  • Voting: Vote to earn keys to use for in-game items!

  • Free Ranks: Rank up to unlock new commands by completing basic tasks!

  • Multiple Homes: Set multiple homes right out of the box!

Community features

  • Server Discord: Text and voice call with our server community!

  • Group Builds: Build something with another server member!

  • Reliable Staff: Need help? Ask a staff member!

  • Discord Roles: Gain roles by being active on the server!

  • Community Events: Participate in a community event for items and more!